Amazing Solid Sterling Silver 925 Ancient Inca Aztec Mayan Calendar Medallion Disc Link Statement Bracelet


Stunning, unique and timeless Sterling Silver 925 Aztec Calendar Bracelet. This sophisticated piece of jewellery has an amazing amount of detail and design to replicate the original sun calendar stone. The Aztec calendar has the Sun God in the centre surrounded by elaborate symbols to calculate days, seasons, and year. Wear this brilliant and very rare bracelet to honour the great history and culture of ancient Mexico. Please check our matching drop pendant necklace and earrings.


Earrings: 1.8cm x 3.5cm (0.70in x 1.37in)
Pendant: 3cm x 4cm (1.18in x 1.57in)
Bracelet: 19cm (7.48in)

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