An elegant Solid Sterling Silver 925 Egyptian Hieroglyphics Cartouche Oxidised and High Polished Rectangle Statement Bracelet


Gorgeous and very unique and sophisticated Sterling Silver 925 bracelet. Lightweight yet sturdy comfortable bracelet inspired by ancient Egyptian cartouche. In ancient Egypt every pharaoh, king and queen wore a hieroglyphic seal called a “cartouche’’, as they believed it brought power and protection. A simple rectangle of oxidized and high-polished silver impressed with ancient hieroglyphics. Match it with our stunning pendant necklace and earrings.


Earrings: 1.3cm x 1.8cm (0.51in x 0.70in)
Pendant: 2.2cm x 5cm (0.86in x 1.96in)
Bracelet: 18.5cm (7.28in)

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