Stunning Solid Sterling Silver 925 Oxidised Phaistos Disc Minoan Object Ancient Greek Extra Large Pendant Necklace


This stunning Solid Sterling Silver 925 pendant is inspired by the Ancient Minoan-Greek Phaistos disk. The disc of Phaistos is classified by many as one of the most mysterious objects of all time. While it displays 241 images (aka, tokens) with 45 distinct glyphs, the actual message on the disc is quite bewildering. Diagonal lines are interspersed amongst the symbols, perhaps signifying the end of the thought (as in a sentence). The shape of this unique pendant necklace is an irregular circle, mimicking the original stone. It’s slightly heavier weight and extra large size pendant. Match it with our stunning earrings in two different sizes and charm bracelet.


Small Earrings: 1.7cm x 3.7cm (0.66in x 1.45in)
Big Earrings: 2.2cm x 4cm (0.86in x 1.57in)
Pendant: 4cm x 5.2cm (1.57in x 2.04in)
Bracelet: 19.5cm (7.67in) long x with 1.7cm (0.66in) disc charms

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