Stunning Solid Sterling Silver 925 Oxidised Phaistos Disc Minoan Object Ancient Greek Link Charm Bracelet


Beautiful Sterling Silver bracelet with playful disc charms inspired by the Ancient Minoan-Greek Phaistos disk. The shape of each disc is an irregular circle, mimicking the original stone. It is open link charm bracelet, so you can add your own charms if you wish! The bracelet can be made in any desired length (shorter or longer). Matching pendant necklace and earrings are also available.


Small Earrings: 1.7cm x 3.7cm (0.66in x 1.45in)
Big Earrings: 2.2cm x 4cm (0.86in x 1.57in)
Pendant: 4cm x 5.2cm (1.57in x 2.04in)
Bracelet: 19.5cm (7.67in) long x with 1.7cm (0.66in) disc charms


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