Stunning Solid Sterling Silver 925 Oxidised Phaistos Disc Minoan Object Ancient Greek Small Drop Earrings


These unique and sophisticated Solid Sterling Silver 925 drop earrings are inspired by the Ancient Minoan-Greek Phaistos disk, classified by many as one of the most mysterious objects of all time. Its purpose and meaning, and even its original geographical place of manufacture remains disputed. Pseudoarchaeologists have claimed that it is a message from extraterrestrials and even a portal or ‘stargate’ with which a wormhole can be created to enable one to achieve teleportation to cosmic distances. Stunning, antique looking earrings in the shape of an irregular circle are without a doubt an interesting choice. Earrings come in two different sizes. Match them with oversized pendant necklace and charm bracelet.


Small Earrings: 1.7cm x 3.7cm (0.66in x 1.45in)
Big Earrings: 2.2cm x 4cm (0.86in x 1.57in)
Pendant: 4cm x 5.2cm (1.57in x 2.04in)
Bracelet: 19.5cm (7.67in) long x with 1.7cm (0.66in) disc charms

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