Unique Sterling Silver 925 Teardrop Shape Large Clear Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Pendant Necklace Jewellery Set


Introducing our mesmerising two piece jewellery set. These simple, sweet and shimmering, teardrop-shaped drop earrings and beautiful pendant necklace feature a Sterling Silver bar and a large sparkling clear, faceted Swarovski crystal at the base. This unique jewellery set would fit easily in to any existing jewellery collection. Can be worn by the lady to celebrate all those special occasions in life and re-worn again to re-call a special moment in time.


Necklace Measurements: The pendant measures 0.7cm x 2.5cm (0.27in x 0.98in), the chain is 60cm long (23.62in)

Earrings Measurements: 0.7cm x 2.7cm (0.27in x 1.06in)


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